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Delayed eruption of permanent teeth - understanding the problem and how to solve it

 The delayed appearance of permanent teeth is one of the challenges that raises concerns for parents, as permanent teeth represent an essential part of a person’s natural development, and they play a vital role in various functions such as digestion, speech, and general appearance.

 This issue is the focus of attention of many families and the medical community, as delayed tooth appearance may indicate the presence of health problems or genetic factors that require medical intervention and follow-up and in this article, we will explore the causes of delayed eruption of permanent teeth, the potential effects on oral and general health, as well as the steps that can be taken to deal with this phenomenon effectively and correctly.

Causes of delayed eruption of permanent teeth

There are several reasons that cause the delayed appearance of permanent teeth, and these reasons are:

Summarize the reasons in bullet form:

1. Not enough space in the jaw.

2. Small jaw size.

3. Improper tooth growth.

4. Loss of baby teeth prematurely.

5. Increase gum thickness.

6. The presence of extra teeth.

7. Not extracting baby teeth in a timely manner.

8. Medical conditions such as rickets and hypothyroidism.

9. Genetic factors.

10. Malnutrition.

How to know the phenomenon of delayed appearance of permanent teeth

If the appearance of permanent teeth is delayed for more than 6 months after the extraction of baby teeth, it is recommended to visit a dentist, as it is normal for permanent teeth to appear within six months of the loss of the corresponding baby teeth

When visiting the dentist, a comprehensive examination of the jaw and teeth is performed and some questions are asked of the parents and the child may be asked to take dental X-rays to determine normal bone structure and estimate appropriate treatment.

How to treat delayed appearance of permanent teeth

After ruling out the presence of problems that hinder the emergence of permanent teeth, the doctor may suggest waiting for a while and monitoring the condition and if any health problem is discovered that affects the appearance of permanent teeth, the doctor determines the appropriate treatment, as treatment includes options such as braces to widen the jaw and guide the teeth, extracting some teeth to facilitate the eruption of permanent teeth, treating underlying health problems, and in some cases, surgical intervention can be required.

Here we have reached the conclusion of our article in which we talked about the delayed appearance of permanent teeth, what are the causes of this phenomenon, how to know it before it is too late, and what are the methods of treating it.

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