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Dental allergy treatment options in Turkey - and what are its causes 2024

With increasing awareness of the importance of oral health, dental sensitivity problems have become one of the common challenges faced by people all over the world and by providing advanced treatment techniques and a specialized medical team, Miracle Clinic in Turkey seeks to provide the best solutions to dental sensitivity problems, to ensure the comfort and health of clients and in this article, we will take an in-depth look at the dental sensitivity treatments available in Turkey, and how the Miracle Clinic can be the perfect choice for those looking for relief and comprehensive treatment for this annoying problem.

الحساسية السنية
الحساسية السنية

What is meant by dental sensitivity?

Dental sensitivity is a common condition characterized by the experience of pain or sensitivity when the teeth are exposed to external stimuli such as heat, cold, sweets, or acidity and  people with dental sensitivity experience a painful or uncomfortable feeling when eating hot or cold food or when the teeth are exposed to external stimuli such as brushing or drinking soft drinks.

Dental sensitivity occurs when a tooth loses its enamel layer, which acts as a protective covering for the teeth and when this layer is lost due to wear, gingival pull, or chemical erosion, the sensitive tissue inside the tooth is exposed to external stimuli, causing pain or sensitivity.

Dental sensitivity may be caused by several factors such as tooth decay, erosion, gingivitis, gingival aspiration, root exposure, or previous treatment procedures such as dental fillings or crowns.

Causes of dental sensitivity

Dental sensitivity is a common problem, and its causes can be diverse. Common causes of dental sensitivity include:

1. Abrasion: Natural wear and tear of the enamel on the surface of teeth may cause the loss of this protective layer, leaving teeth vulnerable to sensitivity.

2. Caries: When cavities develop and reach the esin layer on the outer surface of the tooth, this may cause pain and sensitivity.

3. Plaque: Plaque may accumulate on the outer surface of the teeth, leading to gingivitis and sensitivity.

4. Gingival retraction: In some cases, part of the tooth root may be exposed due to receding gums, which increases the sensitivity of the tooth.

5. Exposure to heat or cold: Temperature changes in food and drink can cause open teeth to become sensitive.

6. Exposure to acidity: Eating acidic foods and drinks can erode ESIN and increase sensitivity.

7. Broken or cracked teeth: Broken or cracked teeth can cause sensitive tissues to be exposed to external stimuli.

Symptoms of dental allergy

Symptoms of dental sensitivity vary and may include:

1. Pain or sensitivity when eating cold or hot food.

2. Pain when eating sweet or sour food.

3. Pain when exposed to cold air.

4. Pain when brushing teeth or daily using a toothbrush.

5. Sensitivity while performing medical procedures inside the mouth, such as cleaning teeth or treating caries.

6. Irritation of the gums in the affected area.

7. Feeling pain or sensitivity when drinking cold or hot drinks.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should see your dentist to evaluate the condition and determine the appropriate treatment for your tooth sensitivity.

Dental allergy treatments in Turkey

There are several treatments available to treat dental sensitivity, including:

1. Sensitivity toothpaste: This type of toothpaste contains substances that reduce sensitivity, such as nitrates, fluoride, and potassium, which help strengthen esin and reduce sensitivity.

2. Therapeutic applications: The dentist applies special substances such as vitreous fluoride or arsenic to the affected teeth, which helps strengthen the esin and reduce sensitivity.

3. Titanium filling: The dentist can apply titanium filling to the outer surface of the affected teeth, which reduces the delivery of external stimuli to sensitive tissues.

4. Gum treatments: If the sensitivity is due to receding gums, the dentist may perform periodontal treatments such as gum scaling or covering exposed roots.

5. Cosmetic fixtures: In some cases, cosmetic fixtures such as veneers or ceramic crowns may be an effective way to cover exposed teeth and reduce sensitivity.

6. Surgical treatments: In cases of severe sensitivity or broken teeth, surgical treatment may be necessary to correct the problem.

It is always recommended to consult with a dentist to evaluate the condition and determine the most appropriate and effective treatment to treat dental sensitivity.

How can Merkel Clinic be the ideal choice for those seeking dental allergy treatments in Turkey?

Merkel Clinic stands out as a distinguished choice for those seeking dental allergy treatments in Turkey due to several factors:

1. A specialized medical team: Miracle Clinic includes a team of experienced and competent dentists in treating dental allergy problems, ensuring the provision of effective and high-quality treatment.

2. Advanced therapeutic technologies: Miracle Clinic provides the latest medical technologies and equipment for diagnosis and treatment, which contributes to providing comprehensive and effective health care to patients.

3. Excellent personal service: Miracle Clinic cares about patients’ comfort and satisfaction, and provides a friendly and comfortable medical environment, in addition to providing distinguished personal service to ensure that patients’ needs are fully met.

4. Affordable cost: Miracle Clinic offers various treatment options to suit different budget levels, making it an ideal choice for patients looking for dental allergy treatments at an affordable cost.

5. Excellent reputation: Miracle Clinic enjoys a good reputation and appreciation by patients and visitors, thanks to high-quality services and attention to meeting patients’ needs in a comprehensive and professional manner.

Based on these factors, Miracle Clinic can be the ideal choice for those seeking dental allergy treatments in Turkey, ensuring optimal healthcare and positive outcomes for patients.

In conclusion, Miracle Clinic in Turkey stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking dental allergy treatments, as it provides high-quality medical care, advanced therapeutic techniques, and distinguished personal service and thanks to its specialized medical team and extensive experience, Miracle Clinic strives to meet the needs of patients and ensure their comfort and satisfaction and if you suffer from dental sensitivity problems, do not hesitate to rely on Miracle Clinic to experience comprehensive and professional treatment, which will help you regain optimal oral comfort and health.

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