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Dental treatments

Dental treatments

Endodontics is a medical procedure performed to treat problems within the pulp tissue of a tooth. The pulp is the inner part of the tooth and is composed of blood vessels and nerves. Endodontic treatment may be needed when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected as a result of deep decay, a fractured tooth, or a blow injury.

The basic steps of endodontic treatment include:

Anesthesia of the tooth: A local anesthetic is given to the tooth to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain during treatment.

Opening the tooth: A small hole is drilled in the surface of the tooth to access the pulp cavity.

Inflamed pulp removal: Inflamed and dead tissue is removed from inside the tooth using special tools.

Root canal cleaning and shaping: The root canals are cleaned using special tools to ensure the removal of bacteria and sediment, and then the canals are shaped so that they can be filled with an anti-inflammatory material.

Filling the root canals: The root canals are filled with a special material that prevents bacteria from leaking into the tooth. A rubber material is often used for this purpose.

Closing the hole: The initially drilled hole is closed using appropriate materials to ensure there is no leakage of bacteria.

Tooth restoration: In some cases, there may be a need to restore the outer surface of the tooth using a filling to replace the portion that was etched.

Follow-up and monitoring: After treatment, the tooth must be monitored regularly to ensure the success of the treatment and that no additional problems occur.

It is important that endodontic treatment is performed by a specialist dentist (usually an endodontist), as it requires special skills and precise knowledge of the tooth structure and its internal structure. There may be some cases that require more invasive specialist endodontic treatment, and in other cases it may be better to use other options such as tooth extraction if the problem is serious and not amenable to endodontic treatment.

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