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Gum plastic surgeries in Turkiye

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, Turkey stands out as a leading destination for cosmetic periodontal treatments and thanks to advan

ced technologies and a team of experts, patients can efficiently improve the appearance and health of their gums, so let's explore how these processes are done safely and with high quality in this brief article.

Gum plastic surgeries in Turkey 

Gum plastic surgeries in Turkey include a variety of procedures to improve the appearance and health of the gums, including:

1. Gum implants: They are used to cover the exposed roots of teeth and improve the appearance of the smile.

2. Gingival resurfacing: It is used to shape the gums in a consistent manner and remove excess tissue.

3. Bone implants: They are used to supplement missing bone in the jaw to support the teeth and improve the appearance of the gums.

4. Gum peeling operations: They are used to remove pigmentation and stains from the gums and improve their color.

5. Laughing gum plastic surgery: It is used to improve the appearance of exposed gums when smiling.

Turkey is considered a leading destination for cosmetic gum treatments thanks to the availability of advanced technologies and high medical expertise.

Steps for gum plastic surgery in Turkiye

Gingivoplasty usually includes the following steps:

1. Evaluation: The dentist evaluates the condition of the gums and the patient’s needs, and verifies the patient’s suitability for treatment.

2. Anesthesia: The area where the cosmetic surgery is to be performed is anesthetized to relieve pain and tension.

3. Preparation: The gums are cleaned and the area to be treated is sterilized in preparation for the surgical procedure.

4. Surgical procedure: The chosen procedure for beautification of the gums, such as gum implants, gingival ulceration or gum peeling, is performed according to the patient's needs.

5. Monitoring results: Results are monitored and evaluated to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

6. Post-treatment consideration: The patient is provided with guidance on post-operative periodontal care and subsequent follow-up to ensure proper recovery and sustainable results.

These are the general steps followed in cosmetic gum surgery, and the details vary according to the type of procedure required and the condition of the gums of each patient.

Risks of gum plastic surgery

Although gum plastic surgery is often safe and effective, it may be accompanied by some risks and side effects, including:

1. Infections: Infections may occur in the treated gum area after the procedure, which usually requires the use of antibiotics and careful oral care.

2. Bleeding: Light bleeding may occur after the operation, and this usually disappears quickly, but in some cases it may require medical intervention.

3. Changes in sensitivity: Changes in gum sensitivity may occur after the procedure, which may affect comfort and sensitivity for a temporary period.

4. Tooth loss: In the case of implants or other surgical procedures, complications such as implant failure or loss of adjacent teeth may occur.

5. Incompatibility with treatment: It may happen in some cases that the body is unable to comply with treatment, which leads to complications such as the body rejecting the implant or deteriorating health condition.

To avoid these risks, it is important to adhere to the instructions of the treating dentist after the procedure and perform the necessary examinations before treatment, in addition to choosing a reliable medical center and the experience of a doctor with experience in cosmetic gum surgeries.

Advantages of gum plastic surgery

Gingivoplasty has several advantages, including:

1. Improving the aesthetic appearance: Gingivoplasty is an effective way to improve the appearance of the smile and the face in general, as the gums can be shaped symmetrically and their appearance can be changed to better match the teeth.

2. Improving self-confidence: Thanks to improving the aesthetic appearance of the smile, gum beautification enhances self-confidence and a feeling of comfort and readiness to smile with confidence.

3. Correcting structural defects: Gingivoplasty can be used to cover exposed roots of teeth or correct any other structural defects in the gums.

4. Improved function: In addition to the aesthetic aspect, gingivoplasty can help improve gum function, which helps maintain teeth and overall oral health.

5. Improving overall health: Maintaining gum health is an important part of overall health, and appropriate gum cosmetic procedures can contribute to improving the overall health of the mouth and digestive system.

In short, cosmetic gum surgeries offer an opportunity to achieve an improved aesthetic appearance, as well as improved self-confidence and overall oral and body health.

Is gum surgery dangerous in turkey?

Overall, gum surgery is generally not a serious procedure, but you may need to consider certain factors:

1. The quality and nature of the operation: Some gum plastic surgeries, such as gum implants or gum reshaping, may be more complex and require longer time and advanced surgical skills.

2. The patient’s general health: The dentist must evaluate the patient’s general health condition before performing gum surgery, especially if there are chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

3. Precautionary measures: Many precautionary measures are taken and appropriate anesthesia is provided to reduce any potential risks during surgery.

4. Post-operative follow-up: The patient is guided about home care and post-operative follow-up, and this helps in reducing any potential complications and ensuring a quick and successful recovery.

In general, gum surgery can be safe when performed by a qualified dentist according to professional care guidelines and using modern techniques.

In conclusion, although gum surgery may seem scary to some people, it is a safe and effective procedure when performed by a qualified dentist and under proper medical supervision and gingivoplasty can provide a great opportunity to improve the appearance of a smile and enhance self-confidence, in addition to improving the overall health of the mouth and body and if you are considering gum surgery, it is important to research and consult with your dentist to understand all aspects and make the right decision for your individual situation


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