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Hair psoriasis and its relationship to hair transplantation

صدفية الشعر
صدفية الشعر

Hair psoriasis, also known as “hair psoriasis,” is a chronic skin condition that affects the scalp and is characterized by the appearance of small ridges on the skin that resemble scales or white patches, as most people have sufficient knowledge about this disease, but what we will learn about in this article is the relationship between hair psoriasis and hair transplantation, and is this possible or not? Follow us.

What is hair psoriasis?

Hair psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects the scalp, characterized by the appearance of small scale-like ridges on the skin and psoriasis can cause severe itching and redness on the scalp, and may sometimes extend to different areas of the skin, such as the face, elbows, knees, and lower back.

Doctors have not yet identified a clear cause for the appearance of psoriasis, but they suggest a group of factors such as stress, genetic factors, hormonal changes, or a defect in the immune system.

The relationship of psoriasis to hair loss

Hair psoriasis is one of the possible causes of hair loss, as inflammation and irritation caused by the accumulation of skin cells in the scalp can lead to weak hair and hair loss and small patches of psoriasis cause limited hair growth in that area, affecting the appearance of the hair and making it appear less dense.

Furthermore, the severe irritation and itching that accompanies hair psoriasis may lead to flaking of the skin and damage to the scalp, exposing the hair to damage and increasing the chances of hair loss and in addition, the psychological stress caused by psoriasis may increase the severity of hair loss.

Is hair transplantation a treatment for psoriasis?

At the beginning, it must be mentioned that once psoriasis is cured, hair immediately begins to grow in the areas that were affected and this means that the hair follicles are not part of the problem and therefore there is no relationship between hair loss and psoriasis.

In many cases, psoriasis leads to failure of the hair transplantation process, except in some cases it succeeds based on the evaluation of doctors and after conducting a number of comprehensive examinations.

Doctors resort to hair transplantation after passing the medication stage, as medications to treat psoriasis are considered anti-cell proliferation and cause the death of the follicles.

Side effects of hair transplantation for psoriasis patients

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that aims to transplant hair to specific areas of the scalp to cover areas suffering from hair loss, as for psoriasis patients, hair transplantation can be an option to improve the appearance of hair in affected areas, however, this procedure may cause some side effects that should be considered, including:

Skin irritation and swelling: Scalp irritation may occur after surgery, which can cause temporary swelling and redness in the transplanted area.

Formation of sores and scars: Small sores or scars may occur on the scalp as a result of surgery, which may take some time to heal.

Loss of transplanted hair: Some slight loss of transplanted hair may occur in the first weeks after the procedure, before the hair begins to grow naturally.

Inflammation of the transplanted hair: Surgery may result in scalp infections, which can lead to infection of the transplanted hair.

Scalp pain: The patient may feel some pain or a feeling of tension in the scalp after surgery.

It is necessary to consult a doctor before performing a hair transplant, and the patient should be aware of all the possible side effects and possible consequences of the procedure and therefore, doctors at Miracle Clinic provide the necessary advice and consultations before taking any treatment step to prevent side effects that cause the problem to worsen

Here we have reached the conclusion of our article in which we talked about hair psoriasis and its relationship to hair transplantation and whether it is the ideal solution for psoriasis or not.

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