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Is it possible to transplant hair using someone else's hair follicles?

 transplant hair using someone else's hair follicles
transplant hair using someone else's hair follicles

In light of the increasing demand for hair transplantation in society today, there is a great diversity of methods available for performing this cosmetic procedure in various parts of the world, as hair transplantation using someone else's hair follicles is one of the most prominent concerns for people who lack a suitable, high-quality hair bank and the possibility of performing this operation.

In this article, we will learn about this type of operation, whether it is possible or not, and whether there are any risks resulting from this type of operation.

Transplanting hair from someone else's follicles

Currently, hair follicle transplantation is of great importance for people suffering from hair loss or baldness, as this cosmetic procedure involves moving hair follicles from dense areas of the scalp or body to areas suffering from hair loss and taking into account the hair bank of the nominated person is of great importance, as people can face difficulties in the process if a suitable hair bank is not available, as currently, the following question arises: Is it possible to transplant hair using other people's hair follicles?

The answer is no, as studies indicate that it is not possible to transplant one person's hair into another person, as this is because each individual's body responds uniquely to their hair follicles and when hair follicles are transplanted from one individual to another, tissue is transferred between them, since a complete DNA match between individuals is not possible, the immune system of a person who receives transplanted hair from another person's hair bank rejects it.

Risks of transplanting hair from someone else's follicles

Hair transplantation using hair follicles from another person may involve important risks that deserve careful consideration, as one of these risks is rejection by the immune system of the person receiving the transplanted hair, since each person has a unique immune system, the body may recognize hair transplanted from another source as a foreign body and begin attacking it, leading to transplant failure or even loss of the transplanted hair.

Furthermore, tissue transfer may carry surgical risks, such as wound infection or unexpected bleeding and in addition, problems related to genetic matching between donor and recipient may arise, leading to unsatisfactory results or even unexpected phenotypic manifestations of the transplanted hair and therefore, it is important for the individual to consult a specialist doctor and discuss with him all possible risks before undergoing hair transplantation from another person’s follicles.

The best alternatives to hair transplantation

 Although hair transplantation is the ideal solution for baldness and its results are highly guaranteed, in some cases it is not possible to perform this procedure, so there are many alternatives that must be resorted to in the event that it is not possible to perform hair transplantation, such as:

Hair makeup, also known as hair simulation, is a cosmetic technique used to improve the appearance of the scalp and conceal temporary or permanent hair loss or baldness and this technology is based on the use of products

Designed to give a natural appearance to hair and cover empty areas or bald patches.

For hair makeup

It comes in different forms such as:

Highlighting powders and hair sprays: These products are used to cover hair gaps and improve its appearance in a natural way

Hair highlighters: Used to draw fine hair lines that mimic the look of natural hair on the scalp.

Temporary hair dyes: They are used to cover the gaps with temporary hair colors that match the person's natural hair color.

Benefits of hair makeup include:

Improving the general appearance: Hair makeup is an effective way to improve the appearance of a person suffering from hair loss, which increases his self-confidence.

Speed ​​of results: Compared to long-term hair treatments, hair makeup can provide immediate and temporary results.

Effectively cover blemishes: Hair makeup is a suitable option to cover small gaps or bald patches, especially for special occasions or photographs.

However, hair makeup should be used carefully and in moderation to avoid an artificial appearance, and it is preferable to consult a beautician to choose the right products and apply them correctly.

SMP technology

 Scalp Micropigmentation, or "Scalp Micropigmentation" in English, is an advanced technique used in the field of hair transplantation to give a natural appearance to the scalp and imitate the appearance of dandruff and small follicles on the head, as SMP is an effective, non-surgical solution to covering sparse hair and baldness, and is especially useful for people who prefer a short hair look or who do not wish to undergo surgery.

The SMP process involves using fine needles to implant a special pigment that mimics the color of a person's scalp and hair, and is micromanaged to create a 3D effect that makes the hair appear as if it were a short shaved style and the process is performed gradually, and the colour, density and distribution can be precisely customized to achieve the desired natural look.

Among the main benefits of SMP technology are:

NATURAL LOOK: SMP technology gives a natural look to the hair and scalp.

Reducing the appearance of baldness: SMP can be used to reduce the appearance of baldness and temporarily cover spots.

Speed ​​of the procedure: SMP is a quick and non-surgical procedure, and does not require a long recovery period.

Longevity of results: SMP results are long lasting and are persistent with proper care.

However, the SMP process must be performed by qualified and experienced professionals to ensure optimal results and the desired natural appearance, as it is also important to understand that the SMP process is not a substitute for a real hair transplant, but rather a technique used to improve the appearance of the scalp and make hair appear thicker and fuller.

How does Miracle Clinic help you with hair transplantation?

Hurry and book a consultation with the team of specialized doctors at Miracle Clinic, where they will provide you with the necessary information and the ideal solution for hair loss, as they will determine whether the patient needs a hair transplant or not.

At Miracle Clinic, our doctors provide integrated treatment services, starting from the consultation session and ending with the post-treatment follow-up, all the way to satisfactory and expected results, as our operations are carried out using the latest medical technologies in the world.

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