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Laser teeth whitening in Turkey | Its costs

A beautiful, bright smile is one of the main elements in highlighting a person's attractiveness, and one of the effe

ctive ways to enhance the beauty of the smile is the laser teeth whitening process.

In Turkey, this procedure has become popular and in demand, as it provides effective and safe results.

How does laser teeth whitening work?

Laser teeth whitening relies on the use of laser light to activate the whitening substances on the surface of the teeth, as the doctor covers the gums and soft tissue surrounding the teeth to protect them, then applies the bleaching agent to the surface of the teeth, next, the laser beam is directed at the material on the teeth to activate it and stimulate the whitening process.

Advantages of laser teeth whitening in Turkey:

1. Speed ​​of results:

When compared to some traditional methods of teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening is faster in achieving the desired results and you can have a white and bright smile in one or several short sessions.

2. High effectiveness:

This method is considered effective in removing deep pigmentation and spots resulting from various factors such as smoking and drinking a lot of coffee and tea.

3. Safety and comfort:

The laser teeth whitening process at Miracle Clinic is carried out under the supervision of specialized dentists, making it a safe process and free of side complications, as laser is also considered an accurate and effective way to achieve the best results.

4. Regain self-confidence:

Improving tooth color contributes significantly to enhancing self-confidence and improving the general appearance, which has a positive impact on the quality of personal and social life.

Steps of the laser teeth whitening process in Turkey:

Evaluation and diagnosis: The doctor evaluates the condition of the teeth and determines the extent of their contamination and existing pigmentation.

Preparation and protection: The gums and tissues surrounding the teeth are protected before treatment begins.

Application of bleaching agent: The bleaching agent is placed on the surface of the teeth.

Activating the bleaching substance with a laser: The laser beam is directed towards the bleaching substance to activate it and stimulate the bleaching process.

Evaluation and follow-up: The doctor evaluates the results and makes any adjustments to ensure the desired results are obtained.

Teeth whitening costs in Turkey:

It varies based on several different factors, and these factors include the type of procedure used, whether it is laser or chemical teeth whitening, as well as the desired whitening effects and the condition of the individual teeth.

In general, laser teeth whitening in Turkey is considered more expensive than other traditional methods of whitening, however, its costs in Turkey can range from $400 to $800 or more, and this depends on the medical center and its reputation, in addition to the extent of pollution and pigmentation present on the surface of the teeth.

Teeth whitening costs in Turkey usually include the first diagnostic session, the costs of materials used in the treatment, and any additional fees for subsequent sessions if necessary.

It is also important to check the reputation and experience of the treating physician and treatment facilities before deciding on treatment and the costs of initial consultations and tests may be included in the cost of treatment, but additional services, such as radiography and blood tests, may be expensive separately.

Ultimately, individuals should research carefully and consult with our medical advisor at Miracle Clinic to understand the available options and expected costs before embarking on the teeth whitening process in Turkey.

Miracle Clinic's distinguished center in Turkey offers you:

- All cosmetic dental surgeries, including Hollywood smile, dental implants, and veneers, in addition to laser teeth whitening.

- All types of obesity operations and stomach Botox in the hands of the best experts.

- Using the best techniques for hair transplantation.

We accompany the patient from his arrival to Turkey, from the airport until his hotel stay, and provide him with the best services for a comfortable, healthy stay during his treatment period.

To obtain free medical advice, you can communicate directly via the phone number or WhatsApp button on the website.

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