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What are the methods of cleaning teeth with braces?

Many people who wear braces wonder about ways to clean teeth with braces, as having braces in the mouth requires more care and attention and the results of braces appear better the more attention there is to the condition of the mouth and teeth on the part of the patient.

In this article, we will review for you the best and most effective ways to clean teeth with braces

the methods of cleaning teeth with braces

Since fixed braces become part of a person’s mouth for a long time, it becomes necessary to know the best ways to clean braces so that food residues and plaque do not accumulate on them and therefore, it is recommended to:

  • Gargling with water and salt: One of the most effective methods of cleaning teeth with braces, as gargling contributes to washing away bacteria and food residues, reduces mouth acidity, and prevents plaque accumulation.

  • Use mouthwash: This step should only be done with the advice of a specialist doctor, as the teeth cleaning process is done using a mouthwash containing chlorhexidine, which contributes to protecting the braces and teeth and maintaining their cleanliness.

  • Using a water cleaning device: It is considered one of the latest methods of cleaning teeth with braces, as the patient uses a device that pumps water at high pressure, which contributes to the removal of food debris and plaque from the braces and this method is very effective as it reaches areas that the brush or floss cannot reach.

  • Flossing: It is considered one of the traditional methods of cleaning teeth while in braces, and it is recommended to do it at least once a day in order to prevent food from accumulating on braces.

What are the methods of cleaning teeth with braces
the methods of cleaning teeth with braces

How to clean teeth with braces using a brush?

This question is frequently heard by dentists, since this cleaning process is not done in a traditional way, as it requires a lot of precision and care. Doctors at Miracle Clinic advise doing the following while brushing your teeth:

Clean the upper edge of the teeth using a soft brush.

Care for your toothbrush and replace it periodically.

What foods should be avoided while in braces?

When having braces, doctors at Miracle Clinic advise patients to stay away from a group of foods in order to obtain the best results and to prevent any complications.

The foods that doctors advise staying away from are nuts, chewy sweets (gelatin), popcorn, crackers, baked candy, and some types of vegetables and fruits that are difficult to chew, as well as staying away from soft drinks.

Here we have reached the conclusion of our article in which we talked about methods of cleaning teeth with braces and what are the best, most modern and least harmful to braces and we also learned about the foods that the patient should stay away from while wearing braces.

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