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What is a dental night guard and what are its benefits?

What is a night guard and what are its benefits?

A dental night guard, also known as a night mouth guard or night dental guard, is a device used to protect the teeth and jaws while sleeping and a night guard is typically made of a flexible, non-toxic plastic material and is placed in the mouth before bed to reduce the harmful effects of biting and grinding habits during sleep, which can cause wear and tear on the teeth and jaws.

The dental night guard is individually customized for each individual by the dentist, taking a mold of the patient's teeth to produce a custom-fitted guard, as it is recommended to wash and clean your dental guard periodically using lukewarm water and gentle soap, and store it in a clean, dry container away from high heat.

A dental night guard is an effective solution to maintain healthy teeth and jaws and reduce the negative effects of biting and grinding habits during sleep, as the dentist should be consulted to evaluate the condition of the teeth and determine whether the use of a dental guard is appropriate for each person's individual condition.

In this article, we will be keen to learn about night guards in more detail and learn about their types and what their benefits are.


Types of night guards

There are several different types of dental night guards that can be used to protect the teeth and jaws while sleeping and these types differ in terms of the materials used, design and technology used, and the appropriate type can be chosen based on the needs of each individual and the recommendations of the dentist, so here are some common types of night guards:

  • Soft Plastic Night Guard: This type of guard is made of soft and flexible polymer material, which adapts to the shape and structure of the teeth to provide a comfortable fit and effective protection and this type of condom is suitable for many people, and is usually available at reasonable prices.

  • Silicone Night Guard: This type of guard is made of flexible and soft silicone material, which provides effective protection for the teeth and jaws during the night and this type of guard is comfortable to use and can be easily customized to fit the patient's teeth.

  • Adjustable Night Guard: This type of guard is adjustable to fit different mouth sizes and tooth shapes, as the patient can adjust the guard to perfectly fit his or her teeth, increasing the level of comfort and protection.

  • 3D Printed Night Guard: 3D printing technology is used to produce a precisely customized dental guard to perfectly fit the patient's teeth and this type of protector is highly precise and convenient, and is an ideal choice for situations where customized and effective protection is required.

Depending on the types and materials of dental night guards, an individual should choose the type that best suits their individual needs and the dentist's recommendations, so talk to your dentist to get the right advice and choose the right condom that provides effective protection during sleep.

Doctors at Miracle Clinic are keen to conduct a detailed study of the medical condition and then offer the patient the optimal option to obtain effective and satisfactory results.

A dental night guard
A dental night guard

Benefits of dental night guard

A dental guard is a diagnostic device used to protect the teeth and jaws from wear and tear resulting from harmful habits such as biting and grinding during sleep and dental guards provide many benefits to patients, including:

  • Protecting teeth and jaws: Dental guards help protect teeth and jaws from wear and tear resulting from harmful habits such as biting and grinding, which may cause teeth to break and erode the enamel layer.

  • Jaw Joint Pain Relief: Some people suffer from jaw joint (TMJ) pain as a result of nighttime biting and grinding

  • Preserving treated teeth: A dental guard helps preserve treated teeth, such as fillings, crowns, and bridges, and prevents them from being damaged as a result of harmful habits during sleep.

  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY: By using a dental guard, people who suffer from biting and grinding during sleep can get better, more restful sleep, leading to improved overall health and wellness.

  • Reducing Migraines: A dental guard can help reduce migraines caused by muscle tension in the jaws, thus improving quality of life.

Dental night guard price

The price of a night guard starts from $20 and reaches up to $500 if it is manufactured by special request to suit the patient’s condition and the price of the night guard varies according to the different manufacturing materials and the brand that provides this guard.

Here we have reached the conclusion of our article in which we talked about the types of night condoms, what are their benefits, and how much is their price in the market, so remember, you should not take any treatment action without taking the advice of your dentist.

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