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Miracle Clinic provides hair transplant services using the latest technologies and under the supervision of the best and most experienced doctors to help you solve the problem of hair loss in specific areas and promote its growth.

Our doctors provide an individual plan based on the needs of each patient, taking into account many influential factors to ensure the results you desire.

Why Miracle Clinic is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey:

The high-quality services and comprehensive, impressive results achieved by the team of hair transplant specialists using the latest technologies and tools have made Miracle Clinic the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey and we are by the patients’ side from the initial consultation stage until satisfactory results are obtained.

Stages of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation can be divided into 3 stages, which are as follows:

Pre-Hair Transplantation

Before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the patient follows some important steps to ensure the success of the operation, including:

Consultation with the doctor: During this, the condition of hair loss is evaluated, and the best treatment options are determined.

General health examination: The health of the hair, scalp, and skin is examined to ensure their suitability for surgery.

Psychological preparation: This involves preparing the patient psychologically and educating them about the expected steps and possible outcomes of the procedure.

Hair Transplant Procedures at Miracle Clinic:

The hair transplant process goes through a number of stages at Miracle Clinic to ensure the best results that the patient hopes for. Here is an overview of those stages:

Consultation and case evaluation: The first steps we take at Miracle Clinic are to give the client a detailed overview of the options available to him and the expected results.

Hairline design: Based on the doctor’s directions and instructions, a suitable hairline is designed for the patient based on his condition, to ensure better results.

Transplantation session: The hair transplantation process at Miracle Clinic is carried out using the latest techniques such as FUT or FUE according to the doctor’s instructions and the patient’s condition, and hair transplantation is done in areas where hair is missing

Post-operative care: Al-Tayeb gives the patient a set of instructions including how to care for the scalp and the transplanted areas to ensure excellent results.

Periodic follow-up: The doctor monitors the development of the results and the continued growth of the transplanted hair on dates agreed upon between the doctor and the patient.

During Hair Transplantation:

During the hair transplant procedure, the clinic follows several steps to ensure the smooth progress of the operation and achieve the best results, such as:

Skin anesthesia: The scalp is anesthetized to minimize pain during the extraction and transplantation of hair follicles.

Follicle extraction: Hair follicles are carefully extracted from donor areas using appropriate techniques.

Follicle transplantation: Follicles are precisely transplanted into recipient areas to ensure natural growth.

Post-Hair Transplantation:

After undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the patient needs to take good care of their scalp and the transplanted follicles to ensure the success of the operation, including the following key steps:

Rest and wound healing: The patient needs a period of rest to allow the wounds to heal and reduce swelling and pain.

Hair care follow-up: Guidance is provided to the patient on how to care for the transplanted hair and use suitable products.

Follow-up with the doctor: Follow-up appointments are scheduled with the doctor to monitor hair growth, evaluate the results, and provide advice if further treatment is needed.

Hair Transplantation Requirements

Hair transplant surgery requires adherence to several conditions to ensure the success of the procedure and achieve the best results. Here are some essential conditions that must be met for a successful hair transplant:

Health of the hair and skin: The hair must not suffer from severe loss or infections, and the scalp and skin must not suffer from infections or skin diseases that negatively affect the success of the operation.

Stable health condition: The patient must not suffer from any chronic diseases or medical conditions that prevent the operation from proceeding properly


Realistic results: The patient must understand the idea that the results of the operation differ from one person to another depending on the medical condition.

Suitable age: The operation is suitable for people between the ages of 25-65 years to ensure the stability of the surgical procedure.

Stop smoking and alcohol: The patient must stop smoking and alcohol to improve the wound healing process in the first place and ensure better results.

Tips for Scalp Care After the Procedure:

After undergoing a hair transplant procedure, proper scalp care is essential to promote healing and ensure the success of the operation. Here are some tips for scalp care after the procedure:

1. Avoid excessive touching: Directly touching the scalp should be avoided after the procedure to prevent damaging the newly transplanted follicles.

2. Stay away from strenuous activities: It is recommended to avoid engaging in strenuous activities or intense exercise for a period after the procedure to prevent scalp irritation.

3. Avoid direct sun exposure: Protect the scalp from direct sunlight by using hats or umbrellas to prevent irritation and sunburn.

4. Follow doctor's instructions: Strictly follow the doctor's guidelines regarding the use of suitable products and tools for scalp and hair care.

5. Maintain scalp cleanliness: Gently wash the hair using mild and suitable cleansers for hair type, and avoid using harsh products that may cause irritation.

6. Eat a healthy diet: Consume a balanced diet rich in nutrients beneficial for hair health, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals.

7. Avoid smoking and alcohol: Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol consumption to contribute to improving hair quality and promoting healing.

8. Maintain hair moisture: Applying appropriate hair moisturizers is recommended to help moisturize the scalp and maintain hair health.

Does the transplanted hair last a lifetime?

Does transplanted hair last a lifetime?

Yes, the areas where hair is transplanted remain for life in most cases, because we are careful to use hair follicles in the neck or sides of the head because they are not affected by hair loss due to the decrease in male hormones.

Also, good follow-up with the doctor after the procedure and adherence to the instructions play a major role in achieving good results and preserving hair for a long time.

Miracle Clinic Services

Flight Booking: Miracle provides flight booking service to its clients

Hotel reservation: Miracle is keen to provide a luxurious and comfortable hotel stay for its customers

Airport reception: Comfortable cars to transport patients and ensure their comfort and safety

Medical translators: with you wherever you are for easy communication.

Free consultation: by the best doctors and specialists.

Imaging and radiology services: to ensure that the treatment plan goes the right way

Laboratory analysis services: Miracle is keen to ensure the patient’s health safety

Post-treatment services: Miracle continues with the patient postoperatively and takes care of their recovery and rehabilitation. Follow-up: Miracle is with you wherever you go, as our medical staff follows up with the patient even after he returns home

You can benefit from the services of Miracle Medical Clinic and take advantage of the month’s offer to obtain discounts of 35%, as for more information, you can contact us here.



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